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Cocktail of the week: Rockwell’s whisky and ginger highball – recipe | Cocktails

Ginger ale is a basic pairing with whisky, due to the way in which they complement one another: the whisky brings spice and little bit of smokiness, which the ginger ale offsets superbly (in order for you a much bigger gingery kick, use ginger beer as a substitute). Cynar’s bittersweet, natural tones and caramel, toffee and cinnamon notes, in the meantime, make it a terrific foil for scotch on a winter’s night time.

Whisky and ginger highball

Serves 1

35ml blended scotch – I take advantage of Johnnie Walker Black Label
15ml Cynar, or different darkish Italian amaro
2 drops vanilla bitters
Ginger ale
, to high (I take advantage of Franklin & Sons), or good ginger beer
1 orange slice, to garnish

Pour the whisky, amaro and bitters into a protracted glass full of ice, stir gently to dilute, then add extra ice. Prime up with ginger ale, stir once more and serve garnished with a slice of orange.

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