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Cocktail of the week: Tommy Heaney’s delicious highball – recipe | Cocktails

A modern revival of the delicious sour created by William Schmidt in 1892, this drink combines all the best elements of spring: fresh, clean and fun. Cheers!

The delicious highball

25ml calvados – a good one, ideally (I use Avallen)
25ml peach liqueur – I use Briottet crème de pêche
25ml fresh lemon juice
12½ml sugar syrup
Soda water
, to top
1 lemon twist, to garnish

Put everything bar the soda and lemon garnish in a shaker or boston glass (or even in a clean, empty water bottle), add ice and hard shake to wake up the citrus and mix everything well. Strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice, add soda to top, garnish with the lemon twist and enjoy.

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