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Sunday, September 25, 2022

England chasing 277 to beat New Zealand: first Test, day four – live! | England v New Zealand 2022

Tom Nolan pipes up with a pertinent point:

“Interesting to hear Broad talking about the responsibility of the players to get England over the line this morning. Let’s hope he remembers his words before he tries mullering every delivery to the boundary and getting out for a quick-fire 7.

I suspect England will need its long tail to hang around and/or score some runs if they want to win this.”

Despite the leaden skies the players emerge from the Pavilion, we are going to have play – on time too!

David Horn is the first OBOer down the line, and he isn’t hopeful…

“Morning James, my name is David and I’m a pessimist. It has been 40 years since I last tasted optimism. This is purely anecdotal (I don’t have the statsguru chops to back this up), but my sense is that Root never goes on ‘the following morning’. Whenever he is ‘not out’ overnight, he seems to be dismissed within a few overs the next day. I don’t see it changing, and I’m giving it 45 minutes this morning, tops.

You’re welcome!”

Err thanks David. Not quite the rabble rousing tone England fans were after. Anyone else?!

Joe Root warms up in front of the pavilion ahead of play on the fourth day.
Joe Root warms up in front of the pavilion ahead of play on the fourth day. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

The stumps are in and the covers are off, it is very gloomy though.

Who’s out there? Do drop me a line on email or that twitter thingymajiggy – where do we think this undulating Test match is headed?

The Equation

Hello and welcome to a mizzly Lord’s, the floodlights are beaming away through the murk. I’m not sure we’ll start on time but when the players do get on the field it won’t take long, either way.

England need 61 runs, New Zealand need 5 wickets.

Joe Root is still there, of course he is, on 77* – he needs 23 more to reach 10,000 Test runs.

Ben Foakes is there too, on 9* off 48 balls.

Time for a coffee and to see if I can winkle a weather update.

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