George Santos: pet theft cost information follows Romney’s ‘sick pet’ barb | George Santos


The New York Republican congressman George Santos, who’s on the centre of a weird string of scandals and who the Utah senator Mitt Romney this week referred to as a “sick pet”, was charged with theft in Pennsylvania in 2017 – over a purchase order of “puppies”.

The scandal, reported by Politico, just isn’t Santos’s first involving canine and his charity, Mates of Pets United. A New Jersey veteran alleges Santos raised cash for an operation for his canine, then absconded with the cash.

Within the Pennsylvania case, in Amish Nation, $15,125 in unhealthy checks have been made out for “puppies”, Politico reported.

Days later, Santos held an adoption occasion at a Staten Island pet retailer. Citing courtroom data and a lawyer who helped Santos, Politico mentioned the theft cost was dropped and Santos’s report expunged, after Santos mentioned somebody had stolen his checkbook.

It isn’t Santos’s first case involving a checkbook. Prosecutors in Brazil have reopened a case involving alleged use of a stolen checkbook.

Santos denies all alleged wrongdoing and says he is not going to resign. He didn’t remark concerning the Amish Nation case. The lawyer advised Politico “she now doesn’t imagine” his story, given subsequent developments.

Santos, 34, received in New York’s third district final yr. He has since admitted embellishing his résumé.

Weird claims, together with enjoying volleyball for a school he didn’t attend and being a producer on the Spider-Man musical, have been uncovered. Claims about his household, together with descent from Holocaust survivors and that 9/11 “claimed” his mom’s life, have been disproven. Santos has denied experiences he was a drag queen in Brazil.

He has additionally been accused of sexual harassment, by a former aide.

Republicans, Democrats and constituents have referred to as for Santos to give up. However Santos supported Kevin McCarthy by 15 votes for Home speaker and the Republican chief, who should work with a slender majority, has not mentioned Santos ought to go.

McCarthy and different senior Republicans have mentioned they’re ready on investigations of Santos’s campaign finance filings, amid questions concerning the supply of his wealth and actions below a different name, Anthony Devolder.

Resignations from Congress are frequent however expulsions are usually not. Solely 5 representatives have been expelled – three for combating for the Confederacy within the civil struggle. Regardless, on Thursday Democrats filed a resolution for Santos’s expulsion.

“We gave him loads of time to resign and he has chosen not to take action,” said Robert Garcia of California.

Santos mentioned once more he wouldn’t resign voluntarily.

‘You must be embarrassed’: Mitt Romney exchanges heated phrases with George Santos – video

Romney’s conflict with Santos got here on the State of the Union deal with on Tuesday.

Romney mentioned he advised Santos he didn’t belong in Congress. He additionally referred to as Santos a “sick pet” and poured scorn on his résumé claims. Santos claimed Romney referred to as him an “ass” and to have referred to as the senator an “asshole”.

On Thursday, Santos told Newsmax that the identical evening, the impartial Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema was “very well mannered, very kindhearted” and mentioned: “Cling in there buddy.”

On Friday, a spokesperson for Sinema told CNN: “This can be a lie.”