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Oral sex doesn’t appeal to me at all. Am I missing out? | Life and style

I never enjoyed oral sex with my ex-husband, who was my only romantic partner in 40 years. Since my divorce, I have had sex with a couple of men, both of whom wanted to perform oral sex on me. This is something I have never felt comfortable with. Is it me? I feel I can never be clean enough, or that I may smell. Friends tell me it is awesome, and I do want the best sex with my new partners, but I worry that there is something wrong with me.

There is no law that says you have to like everything. You do not have to accept a sexual behaviour just because it is enjoyed by friends, or popularised in movies. Focus on the things you enjoy, and teach your partner what they are – and exactly how. Most men are aroused by their partner’s enjoyment, so share your passions fully and genuinely. Sex is too important to be tarnished by pretence. You deserve more than a sex life marred by faking and disappointment.

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