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Summer scents: 10 of the best | Beauty


Right now, I’m packing away my bulky coats, and my jumpers are tentatively – we live in the UK, after all – being moved to the back of my shelves. So when I find myself getting ready in the morning, my darker, woodsy perfume that gave me the illusion of warmth during the winter months, is no longer sitting well with the change of season. So it’s finally time to switch to a summer scent, because we update our wardrobe seasonally, why not our fragrance, too? You can go with a classic floral or zesty citrus, which are sure-fire ways to make you feel as if you’re skipping through the countryside when you close your eyes on that packed train. Alternatively, escape to warm summer nights with vanilla and ylang-ylang notes that will have you dreaming of your next holiday. Switching up your fragrances, though not mandatory, is a subtle way of effectively revitalising your look and feel. If you stick to the same one all year round, you tend to get nose blind and no longer appreciate the scent. Plus, who doesn’t like a shiny new perfume bottle to take centre stage on their dressing table?

1. Patchouli Blanc £130, harrods.com
2. Wind Flowers £260, creedfragrances.co.uk
3. Oriana £210, parfums-de-marly.com
4. Kologne £185, bykilian.co.uk
5. De Los Santos £127, byredo.com
6. City of Stars £215, louisvuitton.com
7. Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic £63, perfumesloewe.com
8. Replica Beach Walk £90, maisonmargiela-fragrances.co.uk
9. Do Son £130, diptyqueparis.com
10. Rose Essence £136, dior.com