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‘The main purpose of sex is procreation!’ The politician who wants to crack down on casual sex | Sex

Name: Casual sex.

Age: As old as sex itself, probably.

Appearance: Usually erotic, fun, brief.

What other kind of sex is there? There is also sex strictly for the purposes of procreation.

Sounds like a drag. No thanks. It’s that kind of mindset that led to the depopulation of rural Spain.

I’ve never even been to Spain. It’s your attitude that’s the problem, you pleasure-seeking infant.

I mean, I have had casual sex with Spanish people, but I don’t tend to ask which bit they’re from. Another eternal adolescent, turning sex into a trivial act of consumption.

Where are you getting this? From Juan García-Gallardo. According to him, the prevalence of casual sex in Spain has sparked a “demographic winter” in rural parts.

A what? The population of Zamora has declined by 30,000 over 20 years, and García-Gallardo blames the “hypersexualisation” of Spanish society.

Naturally. “When we forget that the main purpose of sex is procreation,” he says, “there are people who free themselves from the chains of family and marriage to dedicate their existence to satisfying their sexual desires.”

Who is this guy? He’s the 31-year-old deputy president of Castilla and Leon and a member of the far-right Vox party, which got enough votes in February to enter into a power-sharing arrangement in Spain’s largest region.

Is he famous for saying stupid things? Not as famous as he should be; when he was nominated before the election, he took the opportunity to delete a bunch of old tweets disparaging immigrants, feminists, and LGBTQ+ and Romany people.

So he’s wrong about depopulation? It’s definitely a problem. Vast tracts of the country’s interior have become collectively known as La España vaciada – hollowed-out Spain.

Why is it happening? These areas have been losing residents steadily for decades – killing off many smaller villages completely – but the shift is primarily due to a lack of work, infrastructure, decent roads, transport links and high-speed internet, rather than a rise in casual sex.

Are there any strategies for repopulating these places without resorting to strictly procreative intercourse? There have been reality TV shows offering contestants new lives in near-empty villages, plans to sell abandoned homes cheaply to immigrants, and a government ministry dedicated to the problem.

Have they tried pitching these places as hotbeds of casual sex? Not yet.

I’d move for that. Thank you for your suggestion.

Do say: “¡Ándale ándale!”

Don’t say: “Sorry, I misheard you – I thought we were having causal sex.”

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