TV tonight: Brian Cox fulfils a lifelong dream and spends a week on Mars | Television

Dena Murphy, right, in Our Lives: Supergran and the Garden of Justice.

Brian Cox: Seven Days on Mars

9pm, BBC Two

Coxy is back at it, this time fulfilling his childhood dream of visiting Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory – AKA mission control for Mars 2020 (he still has the letter they replied with when he wrote to the lab 40 years ago). The particle physicist spends a week with the team who guide the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter – the first powered aircraft ever to be sent to another planet. Hollie Richardson

Isle of Wight Festival 2022

7pm, Sky Arts

Festival season kicks off – and if you can’t be there, at least you can pour a large drink and smugly watch with a bathroom nearby. Tonight’s lineup: Lewis Capaldi, Madness, Sigrid and the Vaccines. Coverage continues all weekend. HR

Our Lives: Supergran and the Garden of Justice

7.30pm, BBC One

Dena Murphy, right, in Our Lives: Supergran and the Garden of Justice.
The power of allotments … Dena Murphy, right, in Our Lives: Supergran and the Garden of Justice. Photograph: Johnathan Bartley/BBC/Full Fat TV

Not quite the crime-fighting caper the title suggests, but a film following a 93-year-old Mancunian who believes in the power of allotments. We follow her wisecracking attempts to help young offenders back on to the straight and narrow, as they help with gardening as part of the community payback scheme. Alexi Duggins

This Is MY House

8.30pm, BBC One

A man called Erwin owns this 17th-century Scottish hunting lodge, complete with waterbed. But which of the four competing “Erwins” is the real deal? Celebrity panellists Judi Love, Richard Madeley, Joel Dommett and Sindhu Vee must guess correctly. This week it all hinges on whether chickens really do love blow-drys. Ellen E Jones


9.30pm, BBC One

Equally infuriating and lovable, Jonathan (Romesh Ranganathan) continues his quest for a conflict-free life, ignoring his job and instead opting for a game of laser tag with schoolchildren. A sweet meditation on playground politics, co-parenting and speed awareness training. Henry Wong


10.40pm, BBC One

The Australian high school pregnancy comedy returns. Oly and Santi try to split parental duties in between biology lessons and football practice – with Oly giving the best responses to any slut-shaming comments. HR

Film choice

Cooper Raiff and Dakota Johnson in Cha Cha Real Smooth.
Existential quandaries … Cooper Raiff and Dakota Johnson in Cha Cha Real Smooth. Photograph: AP

Cha Cha Real Smooth (Cooper Raiff, 2022), Apple TV+
In his insidiously lovely romantic comedy-drama, writer-director-actor Cooper Raiff explores the existential quandaries of a 22-year-old. His aimless but effortlessly sociable Andrew is stuck in a McJob in his US home town while his girlfriend pursues her dreams in Barcelona. Discovering a talent as a party starter (AKA “jig conductor”), he is hired to supervise his younger brother’s schoolmates’ bar and batmitzvahs. There he falls for the older Domino (Dakota Johnson), despite her being engaged, and befriends her autistic daughter Lola (Vanessa Burghardt). It’s a warm, friendly embrace of a film, negotiating the central couple’s expectations of life with engaging wit. Simon Wardell

Last Night in Soho (Edgar Wright, 2021), 10.25pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
Edgar Wright picks out the glossy highs and seedy lows of swinging London in his lovingly realised psychological horror, which has already inspired walking tours in Soho. Thomasin McKenzie plays shy present-day fashion student Eloise, who begins to have visions of Sandie (a swish Anya Taylor-Joy), a would-be singer in the 1960s whose dreams of nightclub stardom soon turn sour. As her dreams become ever more disturbing, Eloise’s identity begins to merge with Sandie’s. A nostalgic treat saturated in the sights and sounds of an era that never fails to entice. SW

House of Gucci (Ridley Scott, 2021), Amazon Prime Video
The bizarre true story of Patrizia Reggiani – who plotted to kill her cheating husband, Maurizio Gucci, heir to the Italian fashion family – gets the Ridley Scott treatment. Lady Gaga powers through the film as Patrizia, setting plans in motion to put her spouse in control of the company and change its fortunes. It’s an opulent, camp melodrama – like The Godfather with a bigger costume budget – and boasts entertainingly broad performances, not least from a heavily made-up Jared Leto as cousin Paolo and Salma Hayek as Patrizia’s psychic Pina. SW