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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

TV tonight: Erin Doherty’s addictive thriller approaches a stressful climax | Television & radio


9pm, BBC One

We first met conwoman Becky (Erin Doherty) with pity and a smidgen of disgust. But as the addictive thriller has charged on, we’ve come to champion Sasha, the alter ego she has adopted to infiltrate a new world and find out what really happened to Chloe, the object of her social media obsession (and estranged best friend from school). This tense rollercoaster ride is mostly thanks to Doherty’s terrific performance as such a complicated woman. In this week’s final two episodes (the finale airs 9pm Monday), the jig is up – but can there be any redemption? One thing’s for sure: we’re 100% rooting for Becky now. Hollie Richardson

Louis Theroux’s Forbidden America

9pm, BBC Two

“I’ve got a new toy to show you, Louis,” says rapper BrokeBaby while waving a gun around. “I’m in Florida, I need it.” He is just one of the emerging artists that Theroux meets in his exploration of rap’s new frontline, where MCs livestream their often violent and chaotic lifestyles, and play out gang politics on social media. Theroux is reliably on-brand, meeting diamond-toothed interviewees both in prisons and at their parents’ homes. HR

Dance Passion 2022

8pm, BBC Four

It’s a celebratory night of dance on the channel, starting with a highlights reel of this year’s UK-wide festival. Hosted by Josie d’Arby and Karim Zeroual, performances include a piece inspired by boxer Jack Johnson in Leeds. The well-reviewed dance documentary Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra follows at 9pm. HR

Trigger Point

9pm, ITV

The twisty-turny bomb disposal drama that really should have been called “Boom Town” reaches its penultimate episode. Harried expo unit veteran Lana (Vicky McClure) is scrambling to get back into the action after some personal and professional setbacks just as the targeted bombing campaign ramps up. Will a massive manhunt help? Graeme Virtue

Murder in the Valleys

9pm, Sky Crime

In 1999, three generations of one family were murdered in Clydach near Swansea. This deep-dive into the case, which many believe led to a wrongful conviction of David Morris, effectively unpicks the complexities and claustrophobia of a small village. In tonight’s third episode of the four-parter, we track Morris’s movements the night of the killing. Henry Wong

The Curse

10pm, Channel 4

Matters become even more serious for the accidental bullion robbers as this terrific caper careers onwards. Co-creator and star Allan Mustafa has cause to make Albert even more tremulous, and the impeccable soundtrack hits the target again with a laugh-out-loud deployment of Joy Division. Jack Seale

Film choice

The Last of the Mohicans
6.55pm, AMC

Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans.
Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans. Photograph: Cinetext Bildarchiv/20 Century Fox/Allstar

The multifaceted Daniel Day-Lewis nails the classic Hollywood hero type in Michael Mann’s sweeping adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s romantic adventure novel. Day-Lewis’s noble, hard-running Hawkeye – adopted son of a Mohican – is drawn into the British army’s frontier war against the French and their Huron collaborators, while falling for Madeleine Stowe’s sparky colonel’s daughter. Despite elements of “white saviour” in the plot, and shady historical accuracy, it’s visually arresting stuff, particularly in the chase sequences. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Premiership Rugby Union: Newcastle Falcons v Exeter Chiefs, 2pm, BT Sport 1 From Kingston Park Stadium.

Premier League Football: Leeds v Manchester United, 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event At Elland Road. Followed by Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leicester City at 4pm.

International Women’s Football: England v Spain, 2.30pm, ITV Both teams’ second match in the round-robin Arnold Clark Cup, from Carrow Road, Norwich.

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