TV tonight: Gemma Collins opens up about self-harm | Television

Mist in Gassed Up.

Gemma Collins: Self-Harm and Me

Channel 4, 9pm

For anyone who has doubted that “The GC” is just a diva facade donned for entertainment purposes, this documentary shows that the real Gemma Collins is a nice, normal person. In the hour-long film, the reality TV star recalls her 20-year struggle since she self-harmed as a teenager, and talks to a therapist, her family and fiance, as well as other people who self-harm. She talks to people with genuine empathy, and the candid conversations she has with her mum about the past highlight the difficulty many people have in speaking about mental health, especially across the generational divide. Hollie Richardson

The Bay

9pm, ITV

It’s the finale, and Jenn (Marsha Thomason) learns what happened on the night of Saif’s murder – including who his killer is. But it’s not that straightforward, with arrests left, right and centre, and even a (very short-lived) car chase. That’s only the half of it for the overstretched detective: at home, she and the kids contemplate their future in Morecambe, with the decision also affecting the direction of a potential fourth season. HR

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It Or List It

8pm, Channel 4

Three years ago, Amber and Martin were torn between redoing their three-bed semi, complete with 70s styling, and finding somewhere sleeker. Phil returns to Cambridgeshire to see what they did next (without property peer Kirstie, who is currently under fire for claiming that any young person can buy a house, if only they would just give up their Netflix subscription). Henry Wong

Mist in Gassed Up.
Enjoyably silly … Mist in Gassed Up. Photograph: Mohammed Ali/PA

Gassed Up

8pm, BBC Three

Birmingham rapper Mist takes on various celebrity challengers in this enjoyably silly car racing show that channels the style and verve of OTT arcade driving games. First up is comedian and Porsche owner Joel Dommett, who gets a crash course in beach buggies before tackling a customised night-time circuit laden with obstacles. Graeme Virtue

Zen Motoring

9.45pm, BBC Three

The surprise YouTube series turned iPlayer hit comes to TV. We meet former rapper Ogmios as he talks us through the things he sees while driving. It’s as simple as that – and yet it’s a transfixing, almost therapeutic watch. Tonight, he’s collecting raw data for the roundabouts chapter in his Zen Highway Code. HR

Mega Mansion Hunters

10pm, Channel 4

More grim reality from the sharp end of the UK property market: Tyron Ash’s luxury estate agency offers beautifully appointed houses but a brutal working environment. Tonight, we see the company’s quarterly awards ceremony, in which the best agents are celebrated and, less edifyingly, the worst are roasted. Stath Charalambos wouldn’t last five minutes … Phil Harrison

Storyville: Try Harder!

10pm, BBC Four

Lowell High is the No 1 public school in San Francisco. Or, as one of its stressed students puts it, “the ultimate self-confidence crusher”. This surprisingly upbeat documentary explores the highly competitive Ivy League college application process the students desperately undergo. HR