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What links a cobra lily with Attenborough’s pitcher? The Saturday quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 What did The Times put on its front page for the first time in 1966?
2 What spread is celebrated by a sculpture in Burton upon Trent?
3 In what city is the New Bridge actually the oldest?
4 What footballing duopoly was last broken in 1985?
5 How was Indian activist Phoolan Devi described in a film title?
6 Calf lymph was a vaccination against which disease?
7 William III defeated his predecessor, who was also his uncle and father-in-law, at which battle?
8 Used to record archaeological finds, what is the PAS?
What links:
Haven Brow, Brass Point etc; daughters of Atlas and Pleione; the N15 London postcode?
10 Bay; chestnut; grey; pinto; sorrel?
11 O’Shea Jackson and Tracy Marrow; William Perry; Steve Austin?
12 Siena (Duccio); Ghent (Van Eyck); Isenheim (Grünewald)?
13 Butterwort; round-leaved sundew; cobra lily; Attenborough’s pitcher?
14 Bonaire; Sint Eustatius; Saba?
15 Austin Butler; Kurt Russell; Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Michael Shannon?

Phoolan Devi holding a bow and arrow.
Phoolan Devi takes aim. Photograph: Sondeep Shankar/Getty Images

The answers

1 News stories.
2 Marmite.
3 Paris (Pont Neuf).
4 Celtic and Rangers as Scottish champions (by Aberdeen).
5 Bandit Queen.
6 Smallpox.
7 The Boyne, 1690 (ie James II of England and Ireland, and VII of Scotland).
8 Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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9 Seven Sisters: cliffs in Sussex; Pleiades in Greek myth; area of Tottenham.
10 Horse coat colours.
11 Chilly nicknames: rappers Ice Cube and Ice-T; American footballer the Refrigerator; wrestler Stone Cold.
12 Celebrated altarpieces: original location (artist).
13 Carnivorous plants.
14 Islands making up the Caribbean Netherlands.
15 Played Elvis on film/TV.

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