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What links a Formula One race and the newly wealthy? The Saturday quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 Pompeii’s House of the Tragic Poet contains what warning?
2 Speed skater Ireen Wüst is the first Olympian to do what?
3 Which ceramic design was inspired by a Japanese fairytale?
4 What alleged relationship is illustrated by a Phillips curve?
5 What is the world’s tallest statue of a woman?
6 Where is the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula?
7 Protein molecules are made up of chains of what?
8 Which Dorset community was planned by Léon Krier?
What links:
Adam and Eve; Judgment of Paris; Snow White; William Tell?
10 In China: 1980-2015 (one); 2016 (two); from 2021 (three)?
11 Ambassador’s deputy; Formula One race; fatalistic resignation; newly wealthy?
12 Willow; India; Socks; Misty Malarky Ying Yang?
13 Dvorak; Colemak; Bépo; Neo; Azerty?
14 Frontal; parietal; occipital; temporal?
15 Carpenter; joiner; weaver; bellows-mender; tinker; tailor?

close up of hands of a carpenter holding a draw knife and trimming a plank
Cracked the carpenter clue? Photograph: Somyot Techapuwapat/Getty Images

The answers

1 Cave canem (beware of the dog).
2 Win individual golds in five different Olympics.
3 Willow pattern.
4 Unemployment and inflation (rate of change of wages).
5 The Motherland Calls (Volgograd, Russia).
6 Tower of London.
7 Amino acids.
8 Poundbury.

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9 Stories featuring apples.
10 Chinese child limit policies.
11 Often rendered in French: chargé d’affaires; grand prix; c’est la vie; nouveau riche.
12 White House cats: Biden; Bush Jr; Clinton; Carter.
13 Keyboard layouts (alternatives to Qwerty).
14 Lobes of the brain.
15 Professions of the mechanicals in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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