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What links Meissen porcelain with a British army flag? The Saturday quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 John Bradshaw wore a bulletproof hat during whose trial?
2 Which British group had the first CD to sell a million copies worldwide?
3 What utensil was introduced to the west by a Byzantine princess?
4 Which African river is the world’s deepest?
5 Tipsy laird is a Scottish type of what dessert?
6 Which film inspired the revival of the Ku Klux Klan?
7 What starts unu, du, tri, kvar, kvin?
8 Which boxer is nicknamed from the Spanish for cinnamon?
What links:
Dog (78); potato (48); human (46); cat (38); fruit fly (8)?
10 Gamelyn; Eustace the Monk; Fulk FitzWarin; Hereward the Wake?
11 Yola Letellier; Colette; Lerner and Loewe?
12 Boris Johnson; Recep Erdogan; Jacques Chirac; Willy Brandt?
13 Meissen porcelain; British army flag; battlefield on OS map?
14 N; St; Chi; Ps (all abbreviated)?
15 Lee Krasner; Elaine de Kooning; Joan Mitchell; Helen Frankenthaler?

The death of Saxon yeoman Hereward 'The Wake', 1071, an 11th century patriot who rebelled against the Norman rule of William I in East Anglia
Hereward the Wake. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The answers

1 Charles I.
2 Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms).
3 Fork.
4 Congo.
5 Trifle.
6 Birth of a Nation.
7 Counting in Esperanto (1-5).
8 Saul “Canelo” Álvarez.

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9 Number of chromosomes.
10 Medieval outlaws.
11 Gigi: alleged inspiration for character; wrote novel; wrote musical.
12 National leaders who were former mayors: London; Istanbul; Paris; West Berlin.
13 Crossed swords symbol.
14 Names of West/Kardashian children: North; Saint; Chicago; Psalm.
15 Abstract expressionists.

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