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What links Salvador Dalí to Christopher Wren? The Saturday quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 What was “tugged to her last berth to be broken up”?
2 What is the vocal organ in birds?
3 Which group are the Bulletproof Boy Scouts?
4 After 37 years, what ends on 1 August?
5 The Declaration of Breda paved the way for whose return?
6 What is the UK’s largest national park?
7 In the first world war, who contested 12 Battles of the Isonzo?
8 Which Whitechapel-made object hangs in Philadelphia?
What links:
Under 40; under 1.8 metres; graduate; 1,500 hours flying time; test pilot?
10 Christopher Wren; Salvador Dalí; Peggy Guggenheim?
11 776BC and AD393; 1896 and 2022?
12 Woodboring Xestobium rufovillosum; fungus Amanita phalloides; the US’s lowest point?
13 Betelgeuse; Rigel; Bellatrix; Alnilam?
14 Steve Blass disease; twisties; yips; dartitis?
15 The Last Man; Station Eleven; Oryx and Crake; Always Coming Home?

A Song Thrush [Turdus philomelos] perched on a small branch. Picture taken on the 15th of May 2018. Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Sing when you’re winning. Photograph: Gary Chalker/Getty Images

The answers

1 HMS Temeraire (in Turner’s painting).
2 Syrinx.
3 BTS (meaning of full name in Korean).
4 Neighbours (final episode broadcast).
5 Charles II.
6 Cairngorms.
7 Italy and Austria-Hungary.
8 Liberty Bell.

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9 (Some of) selection criteria for original Nasa astronauts.
10 Buried in their own design/museum: St Paul’s Cathedral; Dalí museum, Figueres; museum, Venice.
11 First recorded and last/recent Olympic Games: ancient and modern.
12 Death: D watch beetle; D cap mushroom; D Valley.
13 Orion: brightest stars in the constellation.
14 Sporting mental blocks/loss of control: baseball; gymnastics; golf (originally); darts.
15 Post-apocalyptic novels: Mary Shelley; Emily St John Mandel; Margaret Atwood; Ursula K Le Guin.

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